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"I'm not limited by who I've been,

I'm infinite, radiant, transcending from within"

Lalo Hart "Too Much To Hold"


Winner of the NOCO Summer Songwriters Series - 2023

Telluride Troubadour - Finalist - 2023

Rocky Mountain Folks Festival Songwriters Showcase - Honorable Mention - 2023

Mother and Artista

Hello Beloved

Do you ever feel like there is a light inside of you and it wants to come out so bad? I have for much of my life! Learning how to shine this little light of mine has sent me on a spiral healing path, and I'm pleased that it's lead me to choosing to share my gifts with you! 

I was born in Kentucky, raised in Indiana, and I like to say"grew up" in Colorado, because that's where I've learned to embody as a woman of spirit and a mother! Song danced on my tongue as a child, I was probably a little annoying. I loved choir, singing at church, participating in musicals, creating dramatic skits and dancing. By the time high school rolled around though, my self confidence was tanked and I was in a deep existential depression. My home life was broken, life didn't make sense to me, and I didn't want to be alive. One day in my senior year I asked God on a walk "What's all this for, what's the point?" and then my head turned to hear the wind rustling the trees along the creek and the dappled light shone through the leaves, shimmering. I was struck by the beauty, and it was as if God responded to me, "Look at my beauty. I am everywhere, you just have to look." "Oh, that's what all this is for, it's creation, it's wonder!' Seeds of renewal and faith were planted in my soul that day, and so I began to seek, wonder, and wander.

My curiosity to know myself, creation, creator, and find meaning in life has lead me on a magical journey full of wild twists and turns, leaning into trust. Along the way I've gathered a dynamic set of tools to accompany me in this earth tale. In my bag you will find my guitar and ukulele, song, conscious dance, herbalism, breath, meditation, mindfulness, affirmation, journaling, gardening, painting, collage, ritual and ceremony, and a relationship with the divine that is all my own. These are my gifts to share with you!


The songs are one of my vehicles for sharing what this earthwork has taught me with you. Just a couple years ago, I didn’t imagine I’d record music and sing on stage! I guess there is something to be said for allowing yourself to be open to dreams you’ve never dreamed. I didn't want to share at first. I didn't think they were good enough or that anyone would like them, but the universe has sent me so much encouragement and support, it's as if I received marching orders to get out of my own way and let what is in, OUT! Ok universe, I surrender!    

I believe these songs are here to scatter fertile seeds of beautiful possibilities that may very well help you along your own adventure. They are also here to give voice to our collective stories. Maybe you will feel seen in them and a little less alone in the world. Some songs may land on the listener with a trigger! (Triggers are amazing catalysts for self discovery if we get curious.) 

I’m honored to be a vessel for song and continue to grow and share with you. I hope you will remember your light and shine it brightly. The world needs us to believe we are worthy of the gifts seeded within us. Water yourself with compassion, root yourself in divine trust, be energiesed by the light, and unfurl your unique expression!  




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