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Debut Release | Mountain Song

Hello world, here's a song!

Look for it now on your favorite streaming platform!

I’m so happy to release “Mountain Song” as my first single. Written in the early spring of 2011 wedged between red rocks in Boulder, CO, my heart cracked open, tears flowed, and this song was born. The earth witnessed my grief, held me, and reminded me of a truth; “I am not alone, Great Spirit breathes and speaks through everything and is available to hold me and lift me back up”.

I consider “Mountain Song” the first “real” song that I ever captured. So it feels fitting to share it as my debut studio recorded release. For many months, this song was my healing balm coming out of a big break up. A decade later, I timidly asked my husband. “Do you want to hear a song I wrote a long time ago?”. “Of course!”, he replied and I sang for him. He was so shocked, having no idea I wrote music. I was sharing my “secret life” with him for the first time. After that I began taking voice lessons, which was cathartic! I was so terrified to sing in front of others, but with each fear bravely stepped through I was met with great joy. I never thought I'd be able to play an instrument, but upon picking up the ukulele in 2019 I fell in love and a whole new world of possibilities opened. In 2021 I took some ukulele lessons, which opened the wonderful world of “scales” and “keys". I found the melody for “Mountain Song” on the ukulele which was an ecstatic day! It's truly amazing to accompany singing with and instrument. I willingly and gratefully dove deeper and deeper into the heart of song craft.

“Mountain Song” marked the beginning of a deeply personal healing practice; leaning in to the moment and expressing myself, no holding back, with song. It’s my sacred safe space. I pour my heart and soul into song. It’s an amazing tool for me to allow energy to move, witness and understand myself, feel, heal and transform. My songs have been my medicine, and I don’t believe they were created to be kept to myself, so I offer them to you.

I’m excited to share myself with you, whoever you are. May this song remind you that you too are not alone, that the Creator share’s it love with us through the beauty of creation. Open your eyes and your heart to the wonder and magic of this world. Allow yourself to rest into the earth, breath deep and let yourself feel, held by this loving mother spirit energy. “The World has much to give you, if you just let it in, climb a mountain and cast all your troubles to the wind.”


First off, God/Great Spirit/Creator! It's a blessing to be alive, a vessel for giving and receiving from source. I'm grateful to offer back out the gifts I have been given in service to love, creativity, healing and connection. Thank you for creating me just as I am and for your unconditional grace. Thank you for all the experiences that this earth walk has given me and the diamonds forged in the fertile darkness of my longing soul.

The support I have received from my husband Joel has blown me away. Honestly, it was hard to receive. I've chosen to confront the tales in my head that I am not worthy of lessons, time to practice, equipment, studio recording…. (it's an ongoing confrontation that I do my best to meet with self compassion.) I'm happy I didn’t let these old stories keep me from going forward and receiving the gift! A HUGE thank you to Joel for seeing me, believing in me ( when I didn't believe in myself) and helping me grow my wings.

Big thanks to Dolly Kanekuni, my vocal coach. I have learned so much working with her and I couldn’t ask for a better coach for me. She is knowledgeable, professional, kind and encouraging!

Thank you to Glenn Sawyer and Rich Veltrop at The Spot Studios for producing, recording, mixing and mastering. Working with them has been a blast; we laugh a lot, they are so patient with me, and are pros. I've grown and learned a lot the past year working together.

It was an honor to work with such talented musicians on this track; Emily Lewis on the fiddle, Nate Barnes on drum kit and percussion, Bob Brown on the stand up bass, and Glenn Sawyer on the keys. Thank you all for bringing this song to new life!


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